Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Tip My Tiara to You Other Map Crazy Bloggers

Call me myopic. Naïve. Unsophisticated. Or just your every day, average Baltimoron who cares more than anything, first and foremost, over and above, about ME and where I live. Charm City. The Monumental City. The City That Reads. The Greatest City in America. And I want my blog to reflect ME. I’ve been trying to make my posts have some Baltimore connection. I figured that would be a little different.

But, I know that there is a bigger, blogger world out there. So here are a couple of blogs I like and regularly check out. Now YOU check ‘em out. And tell them all that Her Majesty of Maps sent ya. -- the main man! -- yeah, it’s a company and not a person but it’s way cool. -- some neat-o stuff. -- more words then images but interesting nonetheless -- hmmmm, thoughtful.


Arlo said...

I like these sites too. Have you seen this one -

natcase said...

You may also enjoy, which discusses the ontology of maps and cartography.