Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So here’s a neat (and somewhat obvious, which makes it all the neater) idea – a map of bloggers who blog about maps and other things. Check it out for NYC:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please Don't Stop the Music

Help. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Waaaaaaay too much time on my hands yesterday. I’m now listening to map music.

Love this!

Famous, I guess.

Fun! (And annoying)

Check out the first track – not my style and very short but I can only imagine what the rest of it is like.

(Gracias, StrangeMaps, for the image. “This is a pretty clever translation of the shape of the world’s continents into the dots, ties and bars of traditional musical notation, but ironically, its main claim to harmony is visual, not aural.”)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Been There Done That, Still in Awe

Some friends were in Baltimore for the Preakness festivities (not the actual race, mind you, just the drinking in the infield) so naturally, when they asked what there was to do in Baltimore, I whisked them away to the Walters Art Museum. (If I have to tell the truth… they asked to go.) Seriously… if you haven’t gone to see the exhibit Maps: Finding our Place in the World, then go. It’s only up for until June 8. My favorite map has changed – I’m now deciding if I like the map of Huron, IL made by Abe Lincoln (THE Abe Lincoln. How cool is that?) or the Rand McNally guide with directions (did I mention this once before?... the book which provides directions with a photo of every turn in a route)?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Inter-state – Inter-esting

Cool. A map of the US Interstate system. Who cares if it’s not actually correct.

Friday, May 16, 2008

One Park

I’m heading over to the Current Gallery this weekend to check out Welcome to One Park. Parks and People put together the exhibit about turning our local parks into one giant, connected park. Neat idea! And I’ve been promised there are lots of maps. So, in advance…very cool. See for yourself.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aram Barthell, Hero

Dear Aram, You should see me now, sitting on my sofa, with a huge smile on my face. And I’m giggling like a schoolgirl. You are clever and awesome. Her Majesty bows to you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Out of Control

Stop the madness. I am losing it. Everywhere I turn… everything I see… is a map.

This is the table at the fast food place where I got my lunch on Thursday.

This is the floor of the warehouse where I had to pick something up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oooooh, Shiny!

Being Her Majesty and all, I really think that I should have my own collection of crowned jewels. So, if anyone is interested in helping me out…I am thinking that this globe, covered in 500,000 crystals, might be a good start.

It is part of Swarovski Crystal Palace, “an exhibition that pushes the boundaries of crystal to create contemporary interpretations of lighting, furniture and design.”

More importantly, it’s an awesome globe!
(Early Christmas present anyone?)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Land Of Make Believe

One of my new GMU geography class buddies mentioned her favorite map of all time, The Land of Make Believe.” So naturally, I checked it out. You can too.

Freaking Out Children since the 1930’s
Found: Land of Make Believe

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Those Crazy College Kids… Visit the Walters

So, like, I mean, there is, like, this college class? And they, like, went to see the maps exhibit at, you know, the Walters Art Museum? And, like, for extra credit, they had to post a little sumpin’ sumpin’ on their blogs about the exhibit? And, like, it’s kinda neat to see what they said? So, like, if you wanna? You can read them here?

Nonetheless, the students’ comments are pretty interesting, both for what they say about the exhibit and about college students. There are a couple of comments that the exhibit is small. Ok, but not really! There are more than 100 incredibly famous, important maps. I don’t know anyone who breezed through the exhibit or who didn’t follow their “it was smaller than I expected comment” with “but it was so cool!!”

Hey student Martha – “they didn’t have anything cool for sale.” What are you talking about?!? The lobby at the Walters is a huge gift shop with a ton of cool map stuff? It ain’t a Nordstroms, girlfriend!

Student Daniel…. you wanted to see more recent maps? Maybe I can explain. You see, honey, it’s a museum. The exhibit is about important maps in HISTORY. You know, that class you sleep through every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

And OMG! Give me a break. I hope your grades aren’t based on your command of the English language or your ability to spell words like “there” and “supposed.”

But I am impressed. You’re very polite. Every one of you who sneakily took pictures, even though you knew you weren’t supposed to, noted it in your blog. Very thoughtful (but still against the rules). And you’re very honest young people. (Or as student Ben would say, “young ppl.”) Some of you even titled your blogs “Extra Credit” instead of pretending you really would have written about it anyway. Commendable. And you’re taking a college class about maps – how cool is THAT?!?