Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Been There Done That, Still in Awe

Some friends were in Baltimore for the Preakness festivities (not the actual race, mind you, just the drinking in the infield) so naturally, when they asked what there was to do in Baltimore, I whisked them away to the Walters Art Museum. (If I have to tell the truth… they asked to go.) Seriously… if you haven’t gone to see the exhibit Maps: Finding our Place in the World, then go. It’s only up for until June 8. My favorite map has changed – I’m now deciding if I like the map of Huron, IL made by Abe Lincoln (THE Abe Lincoln. How cool is that?) or the Rand McNally guide with directions (did I mention this once before?... the book which provides directions with a photo of every turn in a route)?


Dug said...

OK Maj - I'm finally coming down to yr Charming City Friday to partake of the fest. Any last minute recommendations?

Her Majesty of Maps said...

Welcome to Balwmer, Dug! Here’s the scoop.

The Walters is in the cool part of town, Mt. Vernon. The other map exhibits within walking distance of the Walters are at the Enoch Pratt Free Library (about three blocks away – lots of historic Maryland maps) and the Maryland Historical Society (about two blocks – an original map of the Mason Dixon line, which is a big deal in these here parts). Right at the Walters is Mt. Vernon Parks, with the Washington Monument, first monument ever (ever!) erected in honor of George Washington.

If you venture down to the Inner Harbor (about 10 blocks from the Walters), check out 387 Feet Above at the Top of the World Observation Level.

Sorry I can’t be around to meet you. Going to visit the BF in Ohio. Ugh. (about Ohio, not the bf). Have a good time in Charm City.

Dug said...

Thanks! I will look into all that and maybe blog my findings next week. Have a great time in Ohio!