Thursday, May 1, 2008

Those Crazy College Kids… Visit the Walters

So, like, I mean, there is, like, this college class? And they, like, went to see the maps exhibit at, you know, the Walters Art Museum? And, like, for extra credit, they had to post a little sumpin’ sumpin’ on their blogs about the exhibit? And, like, it’s kinda neat to see what they said? So, like, if you wanna? You can read them here?

Nonetheless, the students’ comments are pretty interesting, both for what they say about the exhibit and about college students. There are a couple of comments that the exhibit is small. Ok, but not really! There are more than 100 incredibly famous, important maps. I don’t know anyone who breezed through the exhibit or who didn’t follow their “it was smaller than I expected comment” with “but it was so cool!!”

Hey student Martha – “they didn’t have anything cool for sale.” What are you talking about?!? The lobby at the Walters is a huge gift shop with a ton of cool map stuff? It ain’t a Nordstroms, girlfriend!

Student Daniel…. you wanted to see more recent maps? Maybe I can explain. You see, honey, it’s a museum. The exhibit is about important maps in HISTORY. You know, that class you sleep through every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

And OMG! Give me a break. I hope your grades aren’t based on your command of the English language or your ability to spell words like “there” and “supposed.”

But I am impressed. You’re very polite. Every one of you who sneakily took pictures, even though you knew you weren’t supposed to, noted it in your blog. Very thoughtful (but still against the rules). And you’re very honest young people. (Or as student Ben would say, “young ppl.”) Some of you even titled your blogs “Extra Credit” instead of pretending you really would have written about it anyway. Commendable. And you’re taking a college class about maps – how cool is THAT?!?


Anonymous said...

where's my hat, bitch?

A museum employee said...

Can I just make a little clarification? (and maybe you didn't intend to say this, but it's how I read it). Museums aren't *all* dedicated to history and displaying only historical objects. Art museums, in particular, often have very contemporary art. And science centers, aquaria, zoos, etc., are striving especially these days to shed that stigma of "history" and present relevant, compelling, *current* stuff.

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Clearly I was going to go see something that City Paper described as “an elusive little show” about mapping. And I did. “Look Now Look All Around” is at the Maryland State Arts Council offices on West Ostend Street. Cool stuff – I especially liked the conversational maps by Emily Hunter. (hey… is this the Emily Hunter from Maryland Art Place?) Art meets language at the corner of Mapping and Interpretation. Nice!

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Yes, I know the glove map is everywhere. It’s been a little over used to promote the exhibit - blah, blah, blah. Nonetheless it is very cool to actually see it in person. It was created for the first Worlds Fair in 1815. A lady visitor could wear it on her left hand and point out her destination with her right. A fashion accessory AND a map - what more could a girl ask for?


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