Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Anthropomor… oh, you get the idea

My new blog bud Izzy, from BP Maps, sent me some neat info about anthropomorphic maps. Thanks Iz! Here’s what the Iz-man says:

The essence of anthropomorphic maps is that they convey geographic information (location, direction) without the need for any physical image. The availability of portable image media, papyrus for example, eliminated the need for this type of map.

This is a map of Napi, the creator of the Blackfoot indians, and his wife.

If you sketched a map of Hermes (in Asia minor) and Aphrodite (in north Africa), it would be quite risque. The American indian maps are not. The bodies on those maps seem to be configured at a respectable distance from each other.

I asked Pegasus what he thought about this and all he
said was: Horsefeathers!

A famous map of Asia in the shape of a horse.

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