Monday, April 28, 2008

Look Now Look All Around

Clearly I was going to go see something that City Paper described as “an elusive little show” about mapping. And I did. “Look Now Look All Around” is at the Maryland State Arts Council offices on West Ostend Street. Cool stuff – I especially liked the conversational maps by Emily Hunter. (hey… is this the Emily Hunter from Maryland Art Place?) Art meets language at the corner of Mapping and Interpretation. Nice!


Carla Dunlap, MSAC said...

Please visit “Look Now Look All Around” at the Maryland State Arts Council offices at 175 W. OSTEND STREET IN FEDREAL HILL!! Not Centre street! And Yes, it is Emily Hunter who is the Maryland State Arts Council's Visual Artists Registry Coordinator, and who works at MAP. Go Emily.

Her Majesty of Maps said...

Even her Majesty gets confused. In my over worked, over stressed, map excited mind, I pictured myself back at the Maryland Humanities Council of the Kianga Ford lecture. Not a good sign…that Her Majesty of MAPS got her directions wrong.