Friday, June 6, 2008

Off the Map

To My Ever Loyal Subjects
From Your Humble Servant, Her Majesty of Maps

It is with a sad heart and a deep sense of sorrow that I regretfully inform you that after much thought and deliberation, back and forth, give and take, sturm und drang (yeah, I looked it up!), I have made the painful yet inevitable decision:


Ye royal boyfriend has made Her Majesty an offer which ye (or, she) could not refuse. And believe it or not, and believe me when I say I NEVER thought this would happen, I am moving to, of all places:


Seriously. Ohio.

So suddenly, I need to pack (boxes or garbage bags? boxes or garbage bags?), help ye royal bf get rid of all (!!!) the “stuff” I do not wish to surround myself with and which does not meet with my royal sensibilities, and prepare myself to live in… Ohio.


So much to do, so little time. As a result, I have had to make some sacrifices. And you, my loyal subjects, are my sacrifice. This blog has been a blast. I have loved pretending that the scores or hundreds of you (some days are better than others) who wander to this page every day have said to yourself “very, very cool!” when looking at some neat or weird map. But alas… Googling takes time, and I am just plum out of it.

Mucho gracias for your readership and your interest, for your comments and your ideas. I loved following your leads and your links.

And I wish you the best in all your future endeavors. Map well.


Bob said...


Take some time - you (and he) deserve it. Come on back later - whenever that might be. After all, a wonderful thing about the Internet and blogging you can do it from anywhere, even Ohio.

Cartophiliac said...


Hey! I resemble that comment!

Jacob said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog since I found it a couple of months ago.
But Ohio? I'm sorry.

Good luck!

Dug said...

Best luck to you! Ohio's not so bad. Really. I mean it's not awful. I bet they have Blogger there too so you can always come back and drop a post now & then. You'll just need to move your map pin and maybe change the "Hon" to whatever they say over there.

eva said...

I'm sorry to "see" you go, but good luck to you. I hope you reconsider the blog, 'cause I just found you a few months ago, and I love reading about the wacky maps.

Take care.

Anonymous said...


Actually a famous Japanese greeting.

And there are different parts of Ohio, like a tortoise shell cat.

And the pleasures of the great rivers and lakes and being closer to Toledo?, Cleveland Art Museum, Akron, the Canadian border. Lake Erie, Ohio river, etc.

And Grenville. and Columbus, and

Mild Seven said...

Thanks for your excellent blog. I've been enjoying reading it.

I keep a blog about geography and maps at . Have a look and let me know if you'd like to exchange links.


Paul Jorgensen

pfly said...

Right, as already mentioned--if you are in Ohio you can't be too far from Toronto--and that can't be too bad. pfly

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