Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chain of Fools (Including Me)

So what’s the proper blogtiquette – do I post cool maps from the blog where I found them:

or from the site where that blogger found them:

or from the site where THAT blogger saw them:

Whatever. Still pretty cool.


Dug said...

I think you need to do it case by case. Since none of those sites are the original posting I would go with the first place you saw it. Especially because the pret a voyager site actually lists the source of the maps. But it's cool to show how many different places have reprinted the maps - there's at least few more too.

Dystopos said...

A similar analysis of town plans diagrammed at the same scale was undertaken by Keller Easterling and published as ''American Town Plans: A Comparative Time Line.'' (1993, Princeton Architectural Press. ISBN 1-878271-69-5)