Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mapping Mount Vernon - The Good, The Bad and... The No Comment

It is a gorgeous day in Baltimore and I used it as an opportunity to kill two birds (orioles, naturally) with one stone. I whipped out the Literary Mount Vernon Map, created by the Maryland Humanities Council for the Baltimore Festival of Maps, which I picked up last weekend, and started off on my walking tour. Naturally, I couldn’t ignore the infamous and forever to be famous gold chain link fence surrounding the Mount Vernon Parks.

First, Literary Mount Vernon. As I’ve said before, who knew?!... that F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tupac Shakur lived practically across the street from each other (not at the same time mind you, but still very cool). All of the ‘characters’ of Mount Vernon look like little bobble-heads! If you want to check it out for yourself, you can pick up a map at the Humanities Council or download one from their website.

And then…the Fence. No comment.


Dug said...

Very nicely done map! Pictorial yet without seeming to sacrifice cartographic accuracy. Not that I know the area but the parallel streets seem...parallel and the buildings and people don't get in the way of legibility. Any idea who this "chalk" (or does that say "ghalk"?) person is (credited in the billboard on the NE corner of Calvert & Pleasant)?
Another map I may have to steal!

Her Majesty of Maps said...

The map was created by Tom Chalkley. He has a website - - which is 'chalk' full of fun things including other Baltimore maps.