Friday, March 7, 2008

Still Another Tip of the Tiara

My cup runneth over. You guys (why ARE you all guys) have been great – sending me links, responding to my posts. Thank you for you inspiration, your thoughts, and for your oh so cool maps that I have pilfered and plundered and put on display as if they were my own.

Two of my new faves:

John Krygier, wish I had you as a college professor -

Dug – I dig your digest -


Cartophiliac said...

"why ARE you all guys"

hmmm good question... In my experience, guys are more likely to get all geeky about maps than girls... perhaps its that spatial relations visualization thing... I vaguely recall reading about studies that show that the male brain is better at spatial relations.

Her Majesty of Maps said...

Thanks for the feedback cartophiliac!