Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank You Eliot Spitzer

I have been fascinated by this whole Elliot Spitzer debacle. Poor Silda. But of course, I quickly recovered from my Pity Party to return to the matters at hand.

How about a map of political indiscretions in Washington DC.

Or the 1871 Hooker Map of New York City (I don’t think that’s what it means)

Speaking of which… Strangemaps has this gem showing where rapper Ludacris claims to have uh… um… ladies like Kristin.

The image at the top? That’s a plan for Washington DC drawn by a “W. Elliot” in 1833.” What do you think that W. stands for, weasel?”


Anonymous said...

A group card has been created for Eliot. Stop by and leave a personal message!

Adam said...

There used to be over 100 brothels within sight of the White House about 100 years ago. It's how we got the term "Hooker" -- Check this blog entry for the maps!